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Heavenly Senior Transport Services, LLC    DBA  HSTServices, LLC

Our Mission: To offer and deliver affordable, exceptional service to multiple destinations for ambulatory clients by giving back their independence and their freedom, while also giving relief to family,  friends, and caregivers  

 Caring comes from our Hearts...

Transport to the following, but not limited to; dentist, hair/barber appointments, physical therapy, out patient, doctor's appointments, physical therapy, dialysis, airport, social events, run errands, and more......  

For more information, please call 901-616-9474


​​​Welcome to Heavenly Senior Transport Services, LLC

Are you a senior citizen that needs transportation?  


Do you feel neglected because family and friends are always busy? 


Are you frustrated with the lack of freedom to come and go as you please?   

Heavenly Senior Transport Services is here to help with all your transportation needs. We provide relief and reliable, professional personal assisted door to door transportation, with courtesy and patience, when family  friends are not available, with us, you will regain your freedom and independence!

Message from Owner

I started this company with the compassion to satisfy the need for personal affordable transportation service for our senior community. I understand, with limited income, most seniors are at a crossroad with their budget by having to balance the necessities in life. My staff and I would like to help them balance their livelihood by not adding so much pressure to their pockets, with a peace of mind after riding with HSTServices.

Rolanda Pierson, Owner

Contact Information

PO Box 1036 Arlington, TN 38002

  PH 901-616-9474 Fax 901-687-3190  

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